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Is there a warranty on the bikes?

Yes. We give a two-year warranty on the bikes and three-month warranty on the battery. The warranty does not include worn parts or movable parts.

Why buy a cargo bike from CargoKid?

Because we have assembled a cargo bike that meets our own and our customer’s expectations and at the same time we have kept a price which is inviting.

Everything that you need is included in the price, so there will be no extra costs.

Can you buy spare parts, and what about warranty?

We keep a full spare parts program in stock, and give a two-year warranty on all our bikes.

Why is it so inexpensive?

Step 1 we import the frames and components directly from our manufacturers abroad. I.e. no intermediaries

Step 2 we receive, collect and assemble in our own storeroom in Southern Jutland

Step 3 subsequently we distribute to our customers

Will the cargo bike be delivered fully assembled and ready for use?

All cargo bikes are delivered 100% assembled, tightened, and ready for use. That is why we give a two-year warranty. It is important for us that the bike is assembled correctly, and that our customers do not get a bad experience trying to assemble the bike themselves as this can be difficult – even if it is possible to have it delivered as an assembly kit.

We deliver it FREE OF CHARGE to your home address.

Can you pick up your cargo bike yourself at your shop in Gentofte or Rødekro?

Yes – it is your own choice, which address the cargo bike is to be delivered to, but you can also choose to have it delivered to your home address without any extra charges. Our carrier drives regular routes through Denmark, and he is open for delivery on selected times of delivery as well as places.

Is a cargo bike from CargoKid strong enough?

Our cargo bike was originally sold to day cares, family day cares, and nurseries, who use it on a daily basis fully loaded with four children. So yes, based on our collaboration with them we can now offer a robust and well-driven cargo bike that meets the expectations of our private customers.

How fast can we make the delivery?

We can deliver your cargo bike within six working days to your home address unless you want to pick it up yourself in our shop on Gentoftegade 94, 2820 Gentofte or in our shop on Kometvej 7A, 6230 Rødekro.

Can CargoKid come to my address to repair the bike?

We can come to your home address and do service or repair the cargo bike if that is your need.

How do you maintain your cargo bike?

You maintain your cargo bike as you would a regular bike.

  1. Give the chain oil, adjust the gears, and tighten all the bolt and screws once a year
  2. Tighten the brake cables when the brake levers get loose otherwise you will experience that they will not work optimally
  3. It is best if your cargo bike is left under shelter

Special conditions regarding cargo bikes w/battery

If the cargo bike is loaded with more than 100 kg.

  1. Will entail that you will drive less kilometres on a full charge and with less speed
  2. Will entail for you to change the battery more often as the engine and the battery is strained more than normal

How long longevity does a battery have?

The battery for a CargoKid Electric Cargo Bike has a longevity of two-three years at normal driving and maintenance.

We must point out that it is very difficult to determine the longevity of the battery as it depends on the power consumption and the strain put on the engine. Some customers change their battery after six months, and some after four years. A good rule of thumb is that the more weight put on the bike the shorter the longevity, if you use the battery every time you go for a ride. Ps. we give you a three-month warranty on the battery.