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What our customers say about cargo bikes from CargoKid


We chose CargoKid, as we are expecting a child and therefore wanted a bicycle with room for a baby seat. We think that CargoKid is best value for money compared to what you get. We have also used it for shopping and have i.a. gone to IKEA a couple of times on it. We don’t have a car so it is great to be able to transport furniture home for free on your CargoKid bike. On the photo, we are coming home from shopping at IKEA on our bike.

Birgitte og Bjarke.



The cargo bike from CargoKid does most certainly live up to my expectations. I chose the dog-variety as Miss Jensen is aging and no longer can go on longer walks. She loves our many trips with the cargo bike; it is pure quality time – for all of us.

Gitte Overgaard, København



This photo was taken this weekend where a volunteer and myself (sitting in the carriage) have been to a festival at a school, where we had a stall/stand, where we should try and recruit women and girls/children for an upcoming knitting-festival in Korsløkken – a through and through wonderful bike that will be taken into good use.

Bente Kjær Jensen



We chose CargoKid because of the price, the quality and the spaciousness. Having two children, it is nice to have four seats when taking home friends or cousins. Our alternative for car #2. Recommended by the family.

Miriam Lund Sørensen, Gilleleje



Hi guys. Thank you for the deal with my new cargo bike. It most certainly lives up to my expectations.

Hex Fanøe



We went on a trip yesterday passing a fine green tractor. When we got closer, our eldest girl said: ’Our bike is way better!!!’

Stine Tang Hansen

Private day nurse



This photo describes how happy we are for our cargo bike from CargoKid.




Here is a photo of our cargo bike that we have just assembled today. And it is so marvelous. We have chosen to buy a cargo bike, because I work as a day nurse and would like to get around to different activities during the day. In my spare time/private it will be used by the family for small trips.

Christina and family



Fantastic bike…

It has ample room for our 3 kids of 5 months, 3 and 4 years. We have fastened a baby seat for the baby, so he is also sitting quite nice and secure. We chose the one with the electric engine and it works so good. We chose CargoKid, because they answered our questions quite speedily, and we got good guidance and a test-drive at your shop in Rødekro.

Thea Slot



We have bougth our Electric Cargo bike with CargoKid, because we could take it for a test-drive before buying. Likewise the price was very competitive, and various extra equipment was included in the price. Super good service!

The kids enjoy the trips in the new cargo bike :)

Mvh. Jesper og Lisbeth Keller

FullSizeRender 2.jpeg - test 218x291FullSizeRender.jpeg


We needed a cargo bike for transporting our daugther (and future son), and since Aarhus can be a ’hilly’ city to move around in we quickly decided that is should be an Electric Cargo bike. 

The choice fell on a bike from CargoKid, because the quality and the equipment package both are the best – and the price even better! We are more than satisfied with both the bike and CargoKid, and even if electricity is a form of doping it is a pleasure transporting the family

Niels Papsø-Stevns



I write this email for my mum who has bought a cargo bike from you. She says that she is really pleased with it. Because, now she can also take her grandchild out on a trip even if she has a bad hip. So this is very useful.

Mia Fast



Sending you a photo of our new bike that has just arrived to the island of sunshine, Bornholm, and has excited all the children. I could not be in the photo as I am the photographer;) in the photo are Simon, 12½ years old, Isabella, 10 ½years old, Madicken, 4 years old, and Riona, 17 months old.  



Alberte on her way to school. She calls it stepdaddy’s bicycle cab :-)

We needed a solution since we don’t have a car. We chose a cargo bike from CargoKid, because this way we can see our children as well as have a conversation with them while bicycling. We especially liked the opportunity to have both the baby lift with our 2-month-old baby, our 5 year old, their bags, and shopping bags as well on the cargo bike. We chose to do business with CargoKid, because they give good service and quality for reasonable value. And, as you can see from our review on Facebook, the photo uploaded on Facebook, and this photo, we are really pleased with our purchase.





Me and my little day care children are really happy for the bike, it is easy to get around in, the children gets to see a lot of exciting things out in the nature, it is much faster to get down to our beautiful Starup Moore/ the fjord of Haderslev.

Day nurse

Conny Rasmussen

Vi maler med naturens farver d. 3. juni 2015 001.jpg


We chose an Electric cargo bike from CargoKid (in our own design) We chose to do business with CargoKid because of their absolutely excellent customer service in connection with the questions popping up before we decided which model we simply had to have 😆

Belinda Flohr



Sales promotion of Gifflar

Cinnamon ‘Gifflar’ hit the road J We needed 2 CargoKid Shop bikes for our sales promotion.


Gifflar 2.jpeg


Newly started entrepreneur

As a newly started entrepreneur, I have to pay attention to my expenditures. I chose CargoKid as my supplier of my Shop bike, because they had the best solution. It turned out really fancy and I am glad I made the right choice. Finally, we can sell open sandwiches to the hungry guests in inner Copenhagen as I have my mobile ‘open sandwich cargo bike’ :-)


Smøørebrød 1.jpg


A lovely way of getting out into the nature’

We are so extremely pleased with it; it is a lovely way to get out into the nature with the kids…

Ladcykel udtalelse.JPG


Pit stop’

Pit stop in the sunshine on our way to a birthday party


Stine Harder



’Thank you, for you super good service’

Best investment ever!! Our day care is 3 km away and we use the cargo bike every day.

Camilla Boesen



‘Thank you, for our new cargo bike’

Now we have room for the entire family. My boyfriend, our dogs, and me.

Louise Dybeck



We are very satisfied’

We bought a cargo bike from CargoKid, because we thought it the best value for money.

It is a large and spacious cargo bike with room for the entire family.

We are very satisfied with our purchase.

Jonas Iversen



"Best value-for-money"

We chose CargoKid because of ‘Best value-for-money’. It has all the necessary equipment and is really easy to drive. On top of that is has that ‘deliciousness-factor’ that you do not understand before you have taken it for a test-drive.

Mathilde Jacobsen