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A cargo bike without extra expenses

We offer you a cargo bike, where everything you need is included in the price. Our large equipment and service packages are contributing to make it easy and simple for you.

Here is a selection of the most important items from our equipment and service packages. The complete equipment package and list of specifications are listed separately under each type of cargo bike. 


Choose your own colour

We offer 20 different looks for your bike. Click on the colour and see the bike transform into the desired colour or motive. The colour protects, among other things, the box against thrown-up pebbles, snow and salt.

Tyres w/puncture protection

We deliver Kevlar tyres on all three wheels minimizing the risk of a puncture. There is nothing quite as annoying as a flat tyre when on a trip.

Insurance approved lock and chain lock

We deliver a fixed insurance-approved lock as well as an integrated chain lock. This way the bike is fully covered by your insurance company in case of theft.

It is important that you get the right lock fitting the bike as well as a chain lock to lock the bike to a lamp-post or similar. You get the lock certificate and key number – both are to be presented to the insurance company in case of theft.

100% assembled and ready to use

The cargo bike is delivered 100% assembled by our technicians, so the only thing you have to worry about is to get on the bike and out on road together with your children. This is also the reason why we can offer you a two-year warranty as we know that the bike is assembled correctly and because we carry the responsibility for the assembly.

Delivered free of charge to you

Our carrier will deliver the cargo bike to your home address, and he can make an appointment with you to make the delivery at a certain time of the day, if you prefer it. This way you need not to think about transportation yourself.


Service agreement free of charge

We give you a free check-up service of your cargo bike at the latest 2 months after you have bought your bike or after the first 500 km. Check-up service includes re-tightening, adjustment of the brakes and gears, tightening of the brake cables, as well as lubrication of movable parts.

If it is an Electric Cargo bike, we also check-up on the plugs, the light, the engine, the engine plug and the battery plug as well as we check for corrosion. Lubricating grease is laid on.

If spare parts, such as brake pads or other parts worn down, need to be replaced, we will also do that. However, this will be done at your expense. This service will take place at our workshop in Rødekro.

If you prefer that our mechanic comes to your house instead, this will be possible too for a fee of DKK 1,000. We can also carry your cargo bike from your home address to Rødekro for a fee of DKK 1,200 round-trip.

Two-year warranty

We give a two-year warranty on all our cargo bikes, which is unique in this line of business, as most retailers only give you a two-year right of complaint. Our warranty does not include worn parts or movable parts, and we give a three-month guarantee on the battery if you have an Electric Cargo bike.

‘Warranty’ and ‘right of complaint’ are often mixed up, but these terms do not cover the same rights and should not be confused for each other.

A warranty is something extra that the retailer, the importer, or the manufacturer can choose to give on a certain product, a product line, or on all merchandise. In other words, it is voluntary to provide this, and therefore you cannot expect that a warranty necessarily will accompany your purchase.

The warranty gives you a better position than what is entailed in the Danish Sale of Goods Act, that way it works as a supplement to your statutory rights.

Folding top and cushions for the benches

Included in the price you will also get the indispensable folding top, which protects the children from the rain and the wind. The children enter via either side, and the folding top can be rolled up giving ventilation inside the box. In addition, you get cushions for the benches (seat and the backrest) so that the children can be seated comfortably. 

Water-repelling cover

We deliver a water-repelling cover for the top of the box. The cover can be used when you do not have the folding top on, preventing leaves and dirt getting into the box.


Saddle cover

When you receive your cargo bike, we enclose a saddle cover too, so you always have a dry saddle to sit on.

Disc brakes

There are disc brakes on both the front wheels for a better and more secure braking. Disc brakes demand a minimum of maintenance and do not need to be replaced as often as brake pads do.

Selecting extra comfortable cushions for the benches

You can select two thick deluxe cushions in your favourite colour for the benches, for only DKK 495. Look under ‘Accessories’

Large equipment package

See the entire equipment package and specifications under each tab for the specific cargo bike.