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Electric Cargo bike (kopi) (kopi)

kr.  27995

  • Choose your own colour
  • Tyres w/puncture protection
  • Insurance approved lock and chain lock
  • Disc brakes
  • Equipment package with, among other things, a folding top and cushions
  • Service agreement
  • Two-year warranty
  • 100% assembled and ready to take for a ride
  • Free delivery to your home address

From DKK 380 a month (see more at the bottom under Financing)

See video presentation and the entire equipment package further down this page.

Tarpaulin for the Cargo bike
Insurance approved chain lock

Test-drive a bike

You are most welcome to stop by and try the bike before you buy.

You can visit our shops:

Rødekro:   every weekday from 9 am to 3 pm

Gentofte:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 5.30pm

                Sundays from noon to 3 pm

Hjallerup: Call and book a test drive

See how it works
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What do you get when you buy a cargo bike from CargoKid?

  • Choose your own colour
  • 100% assembled
  • Two-year warranty
  • One-year free service agreement
  • Tyres w/puncture protection
  • Cover for the top of the box
  • Strong disc brakes
  • Insurance approved lock
  • Chain lock
  • Cushions for seat and the backrest  
  • Shock-absorbing rubber strip on rim of box
  • Secured 3-point Y-seat belts for four children
  • Battery protected against theft
  • Leather handlebar grips
  • See-through folding top with entrances from the sides
  • Parking brakes for all wheels
  • 250W engine
  • Lithium battery, 36V/gah. Fully charged on delivery
  • 40Km per charge
  • Benches to seat four children. Can easily be dismantled. Room for a baby seat
  • Charger
  • Dimensions of the box: 92x65x55 cm (36.2in x 25.5in x 21,65in)
  • Powder painted steel frame
  • Aluminium chain set
  • Double walled aluminium rims
  • Charging time 3-4 hours
  • Two ramps for easy access
  • Recommended maximum weight in box 150 kg and 200 kg on the entire bike
  • Rear rack
  • Length 218 cm (85,8in)
  • Weight app. 68 kg (141lb 1oz)
  • Disc brakes
  • V-brakes rear
  • Front and rear light
  • Rear tyre 26”
  • Front tyre 20” 

New upgraded Electric Cargo bike

Our new upgraded Electric Cargo bike is delivered with the following improvements and extra equipment:

- Choose your own colour

- Tyres w/puncture protection

- Saddle cover

- Disc brakes on both the front tyres

- Parking brakes for the disc brakes

- Folding top with entrances from the sides

- Secured 3 point Y-seat belts

- Leather handlebar grips

We give you the opportunity to not sit in endless lines of traffic through the city and you are always certain of a parking space when you reach your destination. No more parking tickets and no more expenses for petrol – instead get out and give the children a different experience of being present instead of being strapped up on the rear seat of the car.

Children love being on a trip and it also solves the problems with transport that we all occasionally are challenged by. An eco-friendly solution, which on top of that gives you exercise.

With CargoKid, you get an electric cargo bike for the entire family incl. the equipment package. We deliver the bike FREE OF CHARGE to your home address and 100% assembled. You get everything ranging from folding top, chain lock, rear rack, lock, charger, benches and seat belts for four children included in the price. See the entire equipment package further up this page. When you buy an Electric Cargo bike from us, it is ready for use and without any tedious extra costs.

Order your Electric Cargo bike here on our website or stop by at one of our shops in Gentofte or Rødekro and get a test-drive.

Why choose a cargo bike from CargoKid?

-        It gives experiences to both children as well as adults

-        It solves the daily problems with transport

-        it gives you exercise and is an eco-friendly solution

We deliver your Electric Cargo bike ready to use

Free of charge delivery and 100% assembled, ready to use. When you order an Electric Cargo bike from CargoKid, we deliver the bike with hand brakes, 6-shimano gears, and a parking brake, which you for instance can use when the bike must stand still for the children to climb up into the box. Our Electric Cargo bike come with two benches making ample room for up to four children in the box. Of course, seat belts are included. If you want to use the bike for groceries or to take the waste to the recycling depot, you can easily dismantle the benches and get more room in the box of your Electric Cargo bike.

The height of our Electric Cargo bike is easily adjusted. This is practical if you are more than one user of the cargo bike. For optimal comfort, it is important that the bike be easily adjusted to the right height. Our Electric Cargo bike is built in a way that makes it easy to handle and drive no matter the height and weight of the cyclist.

How does an Electric Cargo bike work?

An Electric Cargo bike looks like any other cargo bike, but has a built-in engine that can give you thrust when you think you need it. It can take its toll on your legs to ride many kilometers at a time on a cargo bike, but on an Electric Cargo bike you can ride along and let the engine assist you when get tired. The engine is placed in the rear wheel on the cargo bike, and the battery is placed under the rear rack. The battery has power for up to 5-9 hours depending on the strain put on it, and you activate it quite easily by turning on the battery and regulate it on the display on the handlebar. Watch the introduction video further up on this website.

After usage, you charge your Electric Cargo bike using an adaptor, which you plug into an ordinary socket. A recharging takes up to app. 3 hours. Should your battery run out you can continue as if on an ordinary cargo bike. By pressing a button on the battery, you can always check if the battery is fully charged. If you charge the battery often and take it inside during the winter, it will last longer. On the display mounted on the handlebar, you can always see how much engine power you are using, how fast you are going and how far you have driven.  

The battery of the Electric Cargo bike from CargoKid has an expected longevity of 2-3 years when the bike has been driven normally and the battery has been maintained.

However, we must point out that it is very difficult to determine the longevity of the battery, because it depends on the power consumption and the strain put on the engine. Some customers change the battery after six months, some after four years. As a general rule of thumb – the more weight put on the bike the shorter the longevity of the battery if you use the battery on every trip. PS: we give a 3 months warranty on the battery.

Gather your purchases and get an offer

When you purchase Electric Cargo bikes with CargoKid, there are accessories, which can make your experience with our Electric Cargo bikes even better.

If you want to purchase more accessories for your Electric Cargo bike, we are willing to make you a good offer giving you not only the high quality but also the best price.

Should your needs extend to more than one bike we would be most happy to – in cooperation with you –  find the right solution that meets your needs in terms of price and equipment.